Google Summer of Code/2022/Ideas/RISC-V support for Gentoo Prefix

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RISC-V support for Gentoo Prefix

RISC-V is an emerging open CPU architecture that is starting to be adopted well beyond the embedded domain; the European Processor Initiative (EPI) project is a clear example of this.

Gentoo Prefix is a key component in the European Environment for Scientific Software (EESSI) project, which is a collaboration between various partners in the High-Performance Computing (HPC) community to build a common stack of scientific software installations for HPC systems and beyond, including laptops, personal workstations, and cloud infrastructure.

RISC-V is one of the target CPU architectures in the EESSI project, and good support for RISC-V in Gentoo Prefix is a crucial first step towards supporting RISC-V in EESSI.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Good working knowledge of Linux shell, Git
  • Familiarity with Gentoo is a requirement
  • Familiarity with Gentoo Prefix is a plus
  • Familiarity with QEMU is desirable
Expected Project Size Expected Outcomes

175 hours or 350 hours, depending on which tasks are planned.

  • New profile for Gentoo prefix on RISC-V
  • Make it possible to bootstrap and use a Gentoo prefix system on RISC-V architecture
  • Test and keyword packages in Gentoo for RISC-V
Project Difficulty

Medium to hard, depending on which tasks are planned and what issues are encountered during bootstrapping.