Google Summer of Code/2022/Ideas/Musl support expansion

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Musl support expansion

The alternative libc musl is strict about standards compliance. This project is to work in improving the number of packages, especially popular and important ones, which build and work correctly (including test suites passing) on musl systems.

We already have a substantial list (bug #430702) of packages which need porting to musl, but there will inevitably be more not yet found by our automated testing. The work for this project can be scoped as necessary.

Students would be asked to work on a musl porting guide to aid future work and other Gentoo developers based on their experiences and knowledge developed during the project, building on existing stub/draft work.

Contacts Required Skills
  • C
  • Some familiarity with build systems (mainly autotools)
Expected Project Size Expected Outcomes

175 hours

Any subset of the following items, as long as it matches the project size:

  • Working towards getting a full KDE Plasma desktop installed (and then working)
  • Working towards getting a full GNOME desktop installed (and then working)
  • Composing a reasonable list of 'standard developer tools' and working towards getting it buildable
  • (Similar examples to the above, subject to discussion, as long as they're reasonable about unlocking a 'suite' of applications/software for users, like the 'desktop' or 'developer' categories given.)
Project Difficulty

Easy to medium depending on which bugs are worked on. There are enough which are easy but experienced candidates will have the opportunity to take on harder bugs if interested.