Google Summer of Code/2021/Ideas/Redox Relibc Support

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Redox Relibc Support

Redox is a brand new operating system written in rust, it provides a libc implementation that works both on Linux and on the Redox kernel.

This project aims to be able to have a x86_64-unknown-linux-relibc stage3 produced and pave the way to have portage available to the Redox operating system itself, last year most of the relibc bugs had been addressed and relibc had been able to build a working GNU toolchain.

Main Tasks:

  • Make a relibc ebuild that can be part of the main portage.
  • Make sure base system could be built on top of it
    • Confirm that Gentoo toolchain utilities still build, e.g. building Python3 and Bash
    • Confirm that alternative toolchain could build (LLVM, clang)
    • Report any issues to both Gentoo and Redox
    • Submit Merge Requests fixes/improvements upstream to Redox GitLab
  • Build a stage3 with the current relibc and the toolchain.
  • Have a gentoo-prefix running on Redox

In order to apply on top of the normal Gentoo requirement of fixing an open issue and/or send a pull request, it is required to propose a fix or an improvement on the redox gitlab.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Python
  • Ebuild
  • Rust
  • C
  • Git