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Contacts list

If you wish to mentor Gentoo GSoC projects add yourself here. Please add the projects you would like to mentor and your contact person/address. Someone from the Gentoo GSoC team will contact you back.

Name Projects (Optional) Programming language Current Country
Arisu Tachibana (Alicef) C, Bash, Python Tokyo, Japan
Andrew Savchenko (Bircoph) C, C++, Bash, Awk, LaTeX Moscow, Russia
Brian Dolbec (Dol-sen) porthole python Vancouver, Canada
Justin Bronder (jsbronder) C, C++, Python, Bash - Available as backup mentor for OpenMPI related projects Boston, USA
Kristian Fiskerstrand (k_f) Will mainly be consulting for security related matters, in particular related to OpenPGP Oslo, Norway
Luca Barbato (lu_zero) C, Bash, Python, Rust, Torino, Italy
Example -- bash Example, Example