Google Summer of Code/2019/Ideas/Standalone Gentoo Chromebook

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Standalone Gentoo Chromebook

The fact that Google Chromebooks are built by portage is an evidence of flexibility and power of portage. However, portage and other Gentoo tools are invisible to end-users because portage is only used to cross compile and build the filesystem image. The resulting image does not have portage or toolchain, and becomes a feature-limited ChromeOS compared to a standard Gentoo system. ChromiumOS, the community counterpart of ChromeOS, is an open operating system that is straightforward to build and hack. In this project, we will make a full-featured Gentoo-like ChromiumOS combining the innovative Chromebook experience with flexibility of portage and software packages from Gentoo.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Build and run chromiumOS.
  • Familar with toolchain, portage and ebuilds.
  • Shell script programming.
  • Git