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Contacts list

If you wish to mentor Gentoo GSoC projects add yourself here. Please add the projects you would like to mentor and your contact person/address. Someone from the Gentoo GSoC team will contact you back.

Name Projects (Optional) Programming language Current Country
Arisu Tachibana (Alicef) Elivepatch, kernel live check, Gentoo CJK Support, Social Linux Distribution Network C, Bash, Python Tokyo, Japan
Andrew Savchenko (Bircoph) Support for multiple MPI implementations, Improve packaging of scientific software C, C++, Bash, Awk, LaTeX Moscow, Russia
Luca Barbato (Lu_zero) Full Rust Support C, Bash, Python, Rust Turin, Italy
Benda Xu (Heroxbd) Portage Powered Android, Maven Java Overlay, BLAS and LAPACK runtime switching, Standalone Gentoo Chromebook Bash, Java, Python Gifu, Japan
Example -- bash Example, Example