Google Summer of Code/2017/Ideas/Improve ROOT support

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Improve ROOT support

ROOT is a modular scientific software framework, a standard de-facto analysis tool in HEP, but used in other scientific and industrial areas too. We support ROOT in Gentoo and have a long list of improvements awaiting implementation:

  • move ROOT from configure to cmake;
  • add new USE flags and dependencies;
  • move documentation generation from THtml to doxygen;
  • improve PyROOT:
    • dependency cleanup (split and put Pythonize.cxx in its own .so);
    • make the core of PyROOT standalone, so that it as "PyCling" when it's packaged with Cling and libCore/libCling can be used standalone;
    • get clingcwrapper.cxx from PyPy into ROOT as a standalone .so, so that PyROOT can run on PyPy w/o further ado;
  • make Cling installable as a separate package.

Contacts Required Skills
  • C++
  • Python (for PyROOT tasks)
  • Cmake
  • Bash
  • Git