Google Summer of Code/2015/Project log

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  • 2015/02/14: 2015 wiki pages created.
  • 2015/02/15: Added team members to main 2015 page to completely replace the obsolete entry in userrel page space (student application and mentoring guidelines not yet converted).
  • 2015/02/15: Added this project log page.
  • 2015/02/15: Replaced email archives link with Gmane because our archives no longer work.
  • 2015/02/15: Uploaded organization application page for review (numbers at the bottom of the page still have to be updated).
  • 2015/02/15: Idea template created.
    The main mediawiki template is Template:GSoCIdea2015. It was copied from previous years by opening the old template page, clicking on "Edit", copying the template source, changing the year in the url to 2015 and hitting 'enter'. MediaWiki asked to create a new template. The old template source was pasted to the "new template form", and changed the year in the template name and in the page url to 2015.
    The same was done with the Idea template draft, copying source from previous years, replacing the mediawiki template name and the category year in the bottom of the source to 2015.
    The pending ideas from previous years were copied similarly, opening the old page source, copying it, changing the year in the url to create a new page, pasting the old content changing the template name to {{GSoCIdea}} and the year in the category at the bottom of the source to 2015, and updating content if needed.
  • 2015/02/16: Fix language in idea template.
  • 2015/02/16: Blogged to call for project ideas.
  • 2015/02/20: Application submitted to