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From the project's homepage:

"The USEful command enables auditing Gentoo’s USE and EXPAND_USE flags. The reason why USEful was originally written is to list flags enabled or disabled implicitely by either the profile or ebuild IUSE defaults. However, other features are available such as listing what packages have a given EXPAND_USE variable or flag, figuring out which USE flags in your /etc/portage/make.conf or package.use became useless over time (which is where the name USEful came from), and more are planned in the future."

  • Rewrite this project in Python.
  • Implement features in the TODO list at the end of the README.
  • Consolidate functions from other USE and EXPAND _USE related utilities into USEful to make it a one-stop shop.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Building and configuring Gentoo systems, USE flags, profiles, etc...
  • Bash and sed (to understand the original code)
  • Python
  • Portage API
  • Git