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gentoo-x86 QA website

This idea was carried over from last year's ideas that weren't implemented. The listed mentors might no longer offer mentoring this year. (Mentors: Please remove this notice if you are providing mentoring again, or remove your name/the idea if you don't.)

The idea is simple enough, take the QA results from various tools and present it via a searchable website. Think, just for QA results. The implementation work required would primarily be building the website itself- the user could rely upon pkgcore-checks for the initial data stream (it can output it's results as a pickle stream) leaving the candidate to focus on generating a site providing insight into the status of current architectures, current stabling, etc.

One additional constraint would be that the underlying DB schema should be written in a fashion that allows multiple data imports to be used- while pkgcore-checks right now can provide data for a candidate to work with, the candidate should be designing a system also able to pull in other data sources (at some point repoman for example).

Finally, an additional feature could be designing the underlying schema and website to allow for the possibility of being able to handle multiple repositories- think about if the GNOME herd wanted their overlay to be scanned/accessible. This complicates the design a bit (specifically keeping it fast), but is likely to be desired functionality down the line.

The relevant gentoo-soc discussion (with a bit more details) is accessible on in the gentoo-soc archives.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Brian Harring (contact for code/frameworks/overall)
  • Michael Sterret (contact for feedback on useful views, currently does something similar to this manually)
  • python (data importation)
  • web frameworks this includes some HTML/CSS/JS knowledge, depending on how complex the candidate wishes to make the site
  • RDBMs schema design