Google Summer of Code/2012/Ideas/Porthole plug-ins and extensions

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Porthole plug-ins and extensions

Porthole is a GTK+-based frontend to Portage. This project would enable Porthole to improve its ability to manage remote computers, gather and report package statistics, and more. The work would encompass creating:

  • A basic python based control interface API for linking to remote computers and groups of computers to gather information about installed packages, and install/update those using portage and/or pkgcore as remote backends. One possible means of making those connections is by using dev-python/pyro.
  • Extending the work started in the public_api branch of portage to include running emerge via the public api.
  • Create a simple cli for gathering/reporting update info for #1
  • Create a porthole plug-in for connecting to the control interface, displaying the info in portholes views and and dispatching desired actions to the remotes via the control interface.

Contacts Required Skills
  • python
  • gtk+, pygtk
  • ssh