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OpenRC Extensions

OpenRC is the default init system in Gentoo, it provides a large deal of features while staying mostly agnostic to the underlying implementation on /sbin/init.

The project aims to be a constructive criticism to the systemd approach by providing the few interesting features not already implemented by OpenRC as stand alone modules allowing integrator not to need to bend their system layouts to accomodate the init system.

Desired extensions include:

  • A mechanism by which init scripts can configure OpenRC to detect runtime failures, log them and respond to them. The key response we want to enable is to give regular init scripts respawn functionality like we have in /etc/inittab
  • Oom-killer protection via /proc/*/oom_adj
  • The ability to perform some sort of maintenance action on a timer (e.g. restart)

Contacts Required Skills
  • Knowledge of C, bash and sysvinit
  • Knowledge of systemd, upstart, launchd and similar systems
  • Understanding of the init process