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Cross Container Support

It is already possible to create fully working chroot using qemu-user and build quickly packages through it, the natural step further is to make it work as a normal container, providing a similar interface to manage it. This way build for arm targets can be done on faster systems and sidetracks also issues about python and perl not supporting proper cross compilation or widespread build systems such waf and cmake failing completely at the task.

The project aims in providing initscripts, management tools and canned recipes to generate container-like chroot, let developers easily import and export system images and further integrate it with crossdev.

An additional task is to support layered systems so native userspace can be used to further speed up the process (hybrid chroot).

Contacts Required Skills

Luca Barbato

jing.huang.pku@×××××.com Jing Huang

  • Knowledge of Qemu and lxc
  • Good knowledge of the runtime linker
  • Understanding of portage

Mailing List Archives

Cross Container Support - Mailing List Archives