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gold is less active than it once was, e.g. gold's commit history vs bfd's commit history. Users seeking an alternative linker may be interested in LLVM's lld.

GNU gold is a linker intended as a replacement for the ld.bfd linker.

The two installed linkers are available directly as ld.bfd and respectively. Additionally, the default linker is also installed as ld - and this binary is used by compilers.


Gold can be enabled by setting the gold USE flag for sys-devel/binutils. Additionally, setting default-gold will make the default linker.

FILE /etc/portage/package.use/gold
# enable gold and set it as default
sys-devel/binutils      gold default-gold

After setting the USE flags, re-install binutils:

root #emerge --ask --changed-use --deep --oneshot --verbose sys-devel/binutils

See also

  • Mold — a linker that aims to provide drop-in compatibility with existing Unix linkers.