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Git Large File Storage (LFS) is an open source plugin created by GitHub that enables the git version control system to better track binary blobs. It does so by creating a text-based reference to the blob, then tracking and storing the blob in a location external to the git repository itself; typically on a content server.



root #emerge --ask dev-vcs/git-lfs


In order to use git-lfs, your ~/.gitconfig file must be setup with the appropriate filters. Run the following command to do this automatically.

user $git lfs install --skip-repo


Binary files must be tracked by file extension. This enables git LFS to make proper distinctions between binary and non-binary files.

GitHub has released a video on YouTube explaining how to utilize git LFS:



root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose dev-vcs/git-lfs

You will want to manually remove everything under [filter "lfs"] in ~/.gitconfig.

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