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About USE flags

For more information regarding USE flags, refer to the USE flags chapter from the Gentoo Development Guide.

Java specific USE flags

There are a few specific common USE flags for Java ebuilds as follows. These use flags do not go in the normal USE variable but go in JAVA_PKG_IUSE instead. Any use flag other than the following would go in the normal USE variable. The JAVA_PKG_IUSE must precede the inherit line in an ebuild.

The USE flags that go in JAVA_PKG_IUSE

  • If USE FLAG binary exists and is set, it will just copy ${JAVA_BINJAR_FILENAME} to ${S} and skip the rest of src_compile.
  • The doc flag will build API documentation using javadoc.
  • The source flag installs a zip of the source code of a package. This is traditionally used for IDEs to 'attach' source to the libraries that are being use;
  • The test Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)

Masked gentoo-vm

The USE flag gentoo-vm is experimental and currently not needed for regular packages. It is only required to run experiments and forcing eselect to also list newer JVMs. See bug #805008 for details on how to unmask this USE flag.