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The information in this article has been deprecated. It may or may not be relevant for contemporary usage. Handle with care!

The Gentoo Alt project was a top-level project that managed efforts to support alternate Gentoo platforms and runtime environments. In many ways, Gentoo Alt represented some of the "cutting edge" work that was being performed to expand capabilities and potential of Gentoo across different operating system platforms and kernels.


The tasks of the project were to provide:

  • Technical documentation - A complete documentation for developers
To avoid that the missing of one of the developers makes difficult maintaining the project, all the technical documentation about Gentoo Alt projects was to be written and published, so that they are available to whoever wants to help.
  • Alternate Prefix - Support for alternate prefixes for Portage (finished).
To get Gentoo Alt projects working on platforms where you are not able to change what is installed in base system (closed-source systems, for instance), a solution is to add support for alternate prefix installation in Portage.

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