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GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It can be used as a simple paint tool, photo retouching and general image manipulation.


root #emerge --ask media-gfx/gimp

If the GIMP help pages (documentation) is desired, then also emerge the app-doc/gimp-help package:

root #emerge --ask app-doc/gimp-help

USE flags

USE flags for media-gfx/gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program

aalib Add support for media-libs/aalib (ASCII-Graphics Library)
altivec Add support for optimizations for G4 and G5/ppc970 processors
aqua Include support for the Mac OS X Aqua (Carbon/Cocoa) GUI
heif Enable support for ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF files
jpeg2k Support for JPEG 2000, a wavelet-based image compression format
mng Add support for libmng (MNG images)
openexr Support for the OpenEXR graphics file format
vector-icons Enable support for vector icons (experimental)
wmf Add support for the Windows Metafile vector image format
xpm Add support for XPM graphics format

A full list of all USE linguas can be seen by using the equery tool (part of app-portage/gentoolkit):

user $equery uses media-gfx/gimp


For some GIMP plugins that are included in the Portage tree, please see the GIMP Plugins sub-article.


Non white on black fonts look terrible

Example of terrible looking fonts

If your non white fonts look terrible in GIMP, you might try to turn off sub-pixel hinting for GIMP. You can do this by creating a fonts.conf in the GIMP user configuration directory (e.g. $HOME/.gimp-2.8/).

FILE $HOME/.gimp-2.8/fonts.confTurns off sub-pixel hinting for GIMP
  <match target="font">
    <edit name="rgba" mode="assign">

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