Future EAPI/EAPI 8 tentative features

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This is a working page that contains references to all features that have been suggested for EAPI 8.

The Gentoo Council has accepted EAPI 8 in its 2021-06-13 meeting. The final wording can be found in the PMS document (PDF). This page is kept for historical and documentation purposes.

The following list of features accepted for or rejected from EAPI 8 is based on Gentoo Council meetings of 2020-11-08 and 2021-06-13.


Feature Bug Spec Implementation Notes
PMS Portage pkgcore
New features
Selective fetch restriction bug #371413 done done done
Install-time CBUILD dependencies bug #660306 done done done
Enhancements of existing features
Pass --datarootdir to configure bug #651958 done done done
Pass --disable-static to configure bug #744871 done done done
Accumulate PROPERTIES & RESTRICT over eclasses and ebuilds bug #701132 done done done
dosym -r to create symlinks relative to link location bug #708360 done done done
Second optional argument for usev bug #744868 done done done
Empty working directory in pkg_* phases bug #595030 done done done
Other changes
Less strict naming rules for files in updates directory bug #692774 done done done
Bash 5.0 bug #636652 done done done
Default src_prepare accepts only file names in PATCHES bug #752486 done done done
More consistent insopts/exeopts bug #657580 done done done
Removals and bans
unpack: Remove support for 7-Zip, RAR, and LHA bug #690968 done done done
Ban useq, hasq, and hasv functions bug #199722 done done done

Not accepted

Feature Bug Spec Implementation Notes
PMS Portage pkgcore
Enhancements of existing features
Variant of || ( ) with defined runtime behaviour bug #489458 EAPI 7 commit not done not done From original EAPI 6 (and 7) feature list
RESTRICT value for network-restricted tests bug #553696 dropped done not done Added retroactively as an optional PROPERTIES token