Future EAPI/EAPI 6 tentative features

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This is a working page that contains references to features that have been suggested for EAPI 6.

The following list of features accepted for or rejected from EAPI 6 is based on Gentoo Council meetings of 2014-06-10, 2014-06-17, 2014-06-24, 2014-09-09, 2014-10-14, and 2014-11-11.


New features

  • get_libdir()
    bug #463586
    • Used in econf, but so far not available as separate PM function.
  • Patch applying function in package manager
    bug #463768
    • Needed for PATCHES support and user patches.
    • This duplicates epatch() from eutils, in simplified form.
    • Name "eapply" has been suggested.
  • User patches
    bug #475288
    • Name "eapply_user" has been suggested.
    • Will be called from default_src_prepare().

Enhancements of existing features

  • Directory support for package* and use*
    bug #282296
    • Not intended for gentoo-x86 tree, only to be used in overlays.
  • Pass --docdir and --htmldir options to configure
    bug #468202

Other changes

  • failglob in global scope
    bug #463822
    • Only in global scope, not in local scope of functions
  • Ban einstall
    bug #524112
    • Current einstall will break when --docdir and --htmldir options are passed to configure (which has been accepted for EAPI 6).
    • Can be easily replaced by an emake call, and is used scarcely in the tree.

Deferred to future EAPI

  • Variant of || ( ) with defined runtime behaviour
    bug #489458


  • HDEPEND: host dependencies for cross-compilation
    bug #317337
  • Ban dohtml
    bug #520546
    • Will be kept (deprecated) in EAPI 6.