Future EAPI/EAPI 6 tentative features

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This is a working page that contains references to features that have been suggested for EAPI 6.

The Gentoo Council has accepted EAPI 6 in its 2015-11-08 meeting and again, with one modification, in bug #565700 on 2015-11-13. The final wording can be found in the PMS document (PDF). This page is kept for historical and documentation purposes.

The following list of features accepted for or rejected from EAPI 6 is based on Gentoo Council meetings of 2014-06-10, 2014-06-17, 2014-06-24, 2014-09-09, 2014-10-14, and 2014-11-11.


New features

  • Patch applying function in package manager
    PMS wording 1, 2
    bug #463768
    • Needed for PATCHES support and user patches.
    • This duplicates epatch() from eutils, in simplified form.
    • Name "eapply" has been suggested.
  • User patches
    PMS wording 1, 2, 3
    bug #475288
    • Name "eapply_user" has been suggested.
    • Will be called from default_src_prepare().

Enhancements of existing features

Other changes

  • Ensure sane settings for LC_CTYPE and LC_COLLATE
    PMS wording
  • Ban einstall
    PMS wording
    bug #524112
    • Current einstall will break when --docdir and --htmldir options are passed to configure (which has been accepted for EAPI 6).
    • Can be easily replaced by an emake call, and is used scarcely in the tree.

Deferred to future EAPI

  • Variant of || ( ) with defined runtime behaviour
    bug #489458
  • Ban dohtml
    bug #520546
    • Will be kept (deprecated) in EAPI 6.
  • Directory support for package* and use*
    bug #282296
    • Not intended for gentoo-x86 tree, only to be used in overlays.


  • HDEPEND: host dependencies for cross-compilation
    bug #317337