Future EAPI/EAPI 5 tentative features

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This is a working page that contains references to all features that have been suggested for EAPI 5.

The Gentoo Council has accepted EAPI 5 in its 2012-09-11 meeting. The final wording can be found in the PMS document (PDF). This page is kept for historical and documentation purposes.



  • econf --disable-silent-rules (see above)
    • Apply retroactively to EAPI 4?
    • Apply retroactively to all EAPIs? (May be problematic because of additional configure call.)
  • User patches
    PMS wording, Portage no-op dummy stub
    • Intrusive.
    • Current wording of the spec requires that every ebuild includes a call to the apply_user_patches function in src_prepare. An alternative would be to apply user patches after src_prepare as a default, if the ebuild doesn't call the respective function.
    • The spec doesn't provide any kind of epatch function, so we will end up having two copies of epatch, one for user patches, and the other (from eclass) for ebuilds.
    • Are we happy with the name apply_user_patches? (epatch_user? euserpatch?)
  • License groups in ebuilds
    bug #287192
    • A simpler solution would be create separate license files like GPL-2+ for the few cases where this is needed. This would have the advantage that it could be applied to all EAPIs.
  • Extended default list of extensions in dohtml
    bug #423245
    • Objections against inclusion of non-standard extensions like .ico have been raised.
  • REPOSITORY variable
    bug #414813
    • Controversial, see bug.
  • Repository dependencies
    bug #414815
    • Controversial, see bug.
  • Directories for use.* and package.* in profiles
    bug #282296
    • Need profiles EAPI bump
  • make.defaults etc.in ${repository_path}/profiles
    bug #414817
    • Need profiles EAPI bump
  • HDEPEND: host dependencies for cross-compilation
    bug #317337