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USE flags

USE flags for net-dialup/freeradius Highly configurable free RADIUS server

firebird Add support for the Firebird relational database global
iodbc Add support for iODBC library global
memcached Include dev-libs/libmemcached in caching drivers local
odbc Add ODBC Support (Open DataBase Connectivity) global
pam Add support for PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) - DANGEROUS to arbitrarily flip global
pcap Build the RADIUS sniffer which requires net-libs/libpcap. local
postgres Add support for the postgresql database global
python Add optional support/bindings for the Python language global
readline Enable support for libreadline, a GNU line-editing library that almost everyone wants global
rest Include support for sending and receiving HTTP requests local
samba Add support for SAMBA (Windows File and Printer sharing) global


Install FreeRADIUS:

root #emerge --ask net-dialup/freeradius

Start FreeRADIUS:

root #rc-service radiusd start

Add FreeRADIUS to the default runlevel:

root #rc-update add radiusd default


Configuration files are located in /etc/raddb/ directory.

For general configuration visit the Basic configuration HOWTO.

Further hints are listed in the freeRADIUS HOWTO wiki page.


freeRADIUS general Troubleshooting guide

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