Framework Expansion Cards

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The Framework Laptop 13 and Framework Laptop 16 use an expansion card system that allows the user to customize the laptop's ports and functionality. Each connects to an underlying USB-C interface. See the Framework marketplace.


Device Make/model Status Vendor ID / Product ID Kernel driver(s) Kernel version Notes
DisplayPort Framework Works 32ac:0003
2.5GB Ethernet Framework (RTL8156) Works 0bda:8156 r8152 (net-misc/r8152) Will show up but never gain link with vanilla kernel. Need official driver kernel module from net-misc/r8152.
HDMI Framework Works 32ac:0002
SSD Framework Works 13fe:6500 (1TB) usb_storage, uas
MicroSD Framework Works 090c:3350 usb_storage, uas
USB-A Framework Works xhci_hcd
USB-C Framework Works xhci_hcd 5.14.15 Required for charging
Audio Framework Works 32ac:0010 snd_usb_audio