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Paperwork: SPI Application parts

This document is a work in progress as of 2024/03/03, but is believed to have no large omissions


  • Trademarks
  • servers where Gentoo Foundation owns the hardware [donated or purchased] (provide details)



Formal, current/recurring/historical significance

  • Open Invention Network: mutual license agreement
  • TOP-IX - sponsorship of VM
  • Nitrokey: fulfillment agreement w/ discount to provide Nitrokeys to Gentoo developers
  • Fastly (find any paperwork to confirm this, or move to informal)
  • CDN77 (find any paperwork to confirm this, or move to informal)
  • Capital One Bank (3 bank accounts between 2 separate customer entities, due to historical reasons)
  • PayPal (named contact on Gentoo side: David Abbott, needs to change anyway)
  • Corporate Capital Inc: Accounting Firm used for annual taxes (1500USD/year)
  • (2008/01/15) Copyright assignment from Gentoo Technologies Inc


This section tries to capture all known informal contracts, e.g. of sponsorship

  • TODO
  • DigiCert


This is some known past contracts of note, that should have no further business impact.

  • (2022/12/15) BC Libraries Cooperative 2009: backup hosting plan for some donated servers, at 500CAD/month: paperwork was signed as a precaution, but was not needed.
  • (2010/01/07) UltraDNS: sponsorship
  • (2007/??-2008/??) Fenwick & West: pro-bono (costs only) legal counsel used for trademark filing, and copyright transfer between GTI and Gentoo Foundation
    • 2004/??: Gentoo Technologies Inc original trademark applications
    • 2008/01/15: trademark assignment filings
    • 2011/07/08: change of address during renewal
  • (annual) Payoneer: used for receiving GSOC payments


External fiscal liabilities


Ongoing business liabilities

All listed expenses are presently billed via the Paypal-linked debit card.

  • Traveling Mailbox: Mail scanning service (150USD/year base cost, extras to hold some mail and forward it, has peaked at 400USD/year: e.g. bank cheque donations, IRS forms like 1099)
  • inbound voicemail to use for any services that require phone numbers; (70USD/year)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): primarily used for backups to Glacier (75USD/month)
  • Hetzner (presently 500USD/month while some servers are replaced, will be back to ~350USD/month)
  • Malware Patrol data feed ($38.89USD/year; Paypal billed via, lineitem says "")