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Gentoo Funding Request Policies


Requests for Funds, Project Support, or Equipment

Requests for funds, project support, or equipment need to be sent to the Foundation in the form of a proposal. This proposal is to inform all trustees of the need (not all of them will be aware of the need or the background of the situation). The proposal process will also help to maintain a trusting relationship between the Foundation and it's donors. Donors know and expect that without exception money will only be spent after a proposal and vote by the Board of Trustees. Additionally, the proposals will be archived to provide accountability for money spent.

Here is an example funding request form you can use.


Proposals for Project Support

The Foundation will consider "project proposals." These are projects that the Gentoo Foundation believes will be beneficial to Gentoo and meet some need of the community. Please submit a proposal in writing. The proposal should include:

  • The proposal author
  • A summary of the proposal; detailing the problem to be solved by the proposal. Avoid going into technical detail on the how in the summary.
  • An outline detailing how you expect the problem to be solved.
  • Outputs that you would reasonably expect someone who is working on the proposal to deliver.
  • An approximation of time or effort it will take to accomplish each deliverable; so we are able to track progress in some reasonable way.
  • An estimate on the cost of the proposal (e.g. how much should we pay someone to implement it.)

Email any proposals to and we will follow up with you. If you need assistance authoring your proposal (writing an outline, estimation, etc) please contact who is available to assist in writing proposals.


Funding Request Procedure

Please email your request to trustees at Attach the funding request form to the email. The trustees will open a bug and add you to the cc.


Project Funding Support

Any 'project support' request must be approved by a majority vote from the Board of Trustees. They will discuss how the request fits in to the financial needs of Gentoo and whether or not the request is appropriate to fulfill at the time. If chosen for support, a contract will be issued and must be signed by an individual at the entity receiving funds (where applicable) that has the authority to sign official legal documents.

Distributing Funds

In the case that funds will be distributed, Any excess funds (not utilized for the project) will need to be returned along with the receipts from items purchased. Reimbursements will generally be made in the original currency of the expense, such that the full original amount can be reimbursed.

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