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  • 2017/06/17: Robin emailed SPI
    • Subject: Re: [Informal Discussion] Gentoo associated project
    • Summary: first attempt to discuss joining SPI; SPI was too busy at the time; discussion about using how SPI was already using Ledger for financials and needed some help.
  • 2018/12/23: Email from SPI treasurer (Martin Michlmayr)
    • Subject: Re: Accounting Firms supportive of ledger-cli?
    • Discussion about ledger, not really about joining SPI
  • Robin Emailed 2020/08/27
    • Subject: [Informal Discussion] Gentoo associated project (take 2)
  • Reached out on IRC 2020/09/16
  • Initial email response 2020/09/16 from SPI, asking some questions
    • confirmation that Gentoo is a "Free and open source project that is deemed to be genuine, substantial and significant"
    • confirmation that there are multiple developers
    • confirmation that Gentoo uses open source license
  • 2020/09/16 Robin provides detailed answers to the above questions; asks return questions
    • clarification request on the 5% fee of donations & income:
      • Does it apply to initial balances for new organizations joining SPI?
      • Structure of fee regarding payment processing fees & taxes and/or unrelated business income
        • e.g. is the 5% on the gross income, or the net income?
  • 2020/09/17 Mgorny asks:
    • are multiple project liaisons permitted
    • How does SPI verify the authenticity of the requests coming from project liaison? (i.e. prevent someone from trying to impersonate the liaison)
  • No further responses from SPI to Robin's questions or mgorny's questions
  • 2021/07/12 Alicef email:
    • SPI moved from ledger to beancount