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The Foundation Secretary initaties the annual election of trustees, and the Trustees approve key elements of the election process. The execution of the election and documentation of its results are performed by the Election Team.


Foundation Activity - Initiate Trustee Election

The Foundation is responsible for initiating annual elections and has some roles in the process. The election team is responsible for carrying out the election.

Relevant Standards and Regulatory Repositories

The details of the Trustee Election is governed by the Bylaws. The operation of the Election Team is documented on their page.

Tools and Templates

Roles and Responsibilities

The Secretary is responsible for initiating the election process, and is responsible for assembling the official list of members.

Official Gentoo Repository

The Election Team maintains the official repository of past elections.


  1. The Secretary adds the annual election to a regular meeting of the Trustees.
  2. The Trustees agree upon a recording date for membership, nomination period, and election period. The nomination period and election period are one month, and follow the recording date.
  3. The Secretary sends out the recording date email to gentoo-project@g.o and gentoo-dev-announce@g.o.
  4. The Secretary sends out the nomination email] to gentoo-nfp@lists.g.o, gentoo-project@g.o and gentoo-dev-announce@g.o. and elections@g.o
  5. The Secretary sends the announcement email] to gentoo-foundation-announce@g.o and gentoo-nfp@g.o.
  6. The Secretary notifies the election team lead of the need to hold the election.
  7. During the nomination period, the Secretary publishes list of members as of the recording date.
  8. Approve list of election officials.
  9. Election officials execute election. Results are considered official upon certification by the Election Team, and new Trustees take office at that time.



  • Trustees - email, trustees at

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