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End-user software for working with fonts. Please do not list fonts or font packages on this page.

Software available via the main ('gentoo') repository

Program Package Description
bdftopcf(1) x11-apps/bdftopcf Convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format
cfftot1(1) app-text/lcdf-typetools Convert PostScript font from CFF to Type 1
fc-cache(1) media-libs/fontconfig Build font information cache files
fc-list(1) media-libs/fontconfig List available fonts
fc-match(1) media-libs/fontconfig Match available fonts: list font(s) that best match(es) certain criteria
fc-query(1) media-libs/fontconfig Query font files
setfont(8) sys-apps/kbd Set console font
showconsolefont(8) sys-apps/kbd Show glyphs of current console font
tfmtodit(1) sys-apps/groff Adapt TeX Font Metrics files for use with groff and grodvi
ttf2afm(1) app-text/texlive-core Generate AFM files for TrueType fonts
ttfdump(1) app-text/texlive-core Dump the contents of a TrueType Font file

Software available via overlays

Program Package and overlay Description
fontforge(1) media-gfx/fontforge::pentoo Create, modify, and view font files
fontlint(1) media-gfx/fontforge::pentoo Check a font for certain common errors