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The Fediverse is a federated and decentralized worldwide Internet-based social network built upon the ActivityPub protocol. Social network platforms that federate over the ActivityPub protocol are said to be "part of the Fediverse." Most social networks in the Fediverse natively run the ActivityPub protocol but some choose to implement their own protocol internally but implement, to one extent or another, an ActivityPub gateway to pass messages to and from the wider Fediverse.

Major Fediverse communities include:

  • Mastodon and Pleroma — micro blogging akin to Twitter (now called "X").
  • Lemmy — content aggregation and discussion akin to Reddit and Usenet.
  • Write Freely — long form blogging akin to WordPress.
  • Diaspora* — a Facebook analog that partially federates with the Fediverse.

Gentoo presence in the Fediverse

Account Type Official
@gentoo@fosstodon.org N/A Yes
!gentoo@reddthat.com Link aggregator
@world@hostux.social Mastodon group bot

Available software

Name Package Description
Fediverse Clients
Tokodon net-im/tokodon Mastodon client for Plasma and Plasma Mobile
Tuba net-misc/tuba Browse the Fediverse (GTK client)
mastodon.el app-emacs/mastodon Emacs client for Mastodon
toot net-misc/toot::guru Mastodon CLI & TUI
Fediverse Servers
Castopod www-apps/castopod::guru Open-source hosting platform made for podcasters
GoToSocial www-apps/gotosocial::guru Fast, fun, ActivityPub server, powered by Go
Honk www-apps/honk::guru ActivityPub server with minimal setup and support costs
Pleroma www-apps/pleroma::guru ActivityPub social networking software compatible with other Fediverse software
Snac2 www-apps/snac::guru A simple, minimalistic ActivityPub instance
Fediverse Bots
fedigroup.py net-misc/fedigroup::guru Emulate group accounts on Mastodon/Pleroma
mastoposter net-im/mastoposter::guru Configurable reposter from Mastodon-compatible Fediverse servers
mastorss net-misc/mastorss::guru Another RSS to Mastodon bot

See also

  • Usenet — a federated and decentralized worldwide Internet forum and the world's oldest digital social network