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On Saturday 3rd February and Sunday 4th February 2018, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting FOSDEM 2018 takes place in Brussels, Belgium.

Naturally a Gentoo crowd is there; this page collected public information about our presence and helped with organizing stuff.

Users and Developers available at FOSDEM

Please add yourself if you're not listed yet!


Nick Arrival Departure Signed up for stand time Will be at Beer Event (Fri) Will be at Dinner (Sat) Talk Comments
bircoph Friday noon Monday morning not yet yes yes submitted
chithanh Saturday morning Sunday evening not yet no yes no Brings button machine. Possibly also lanyards, mugs and/or t-shirts.
dilfridge Thursday late night Monday afternoon not yet yes yes submitted Takes responsibility for stand
k_f Friday morning Sunday evening not yet yes yes no Brings banner, takes responsibility for stand
mrueg Friday Sunday evening not yet yes yes no


Nick Arrival Departure Will be at Beer Event (Fri) Will be at Dinner (Sat) Talk Comments
lovelytux Friday Sund.noon not yet yes no  :-)
You Early Late Yes Yes No Bringing good mood and finished quizzes

Gentoo stand

Gentoo will have a stand at K1A-area (map and info to follow)

The following is an hour-by-hour schedule of who is running the stand. The plan is to have always two devs present, with overlapping two-hour slots (i.e., 10h-12h, 12h-14h, ... and 9h-11h, 11h-13h, 13h-15h, ...) (At start and end there are shorter slots, but these obviously also involve build-up and teardown.)

Saturday Sunday
Hours Developer 1 Developer 2 Developer 1 Developer 2
0900 Archer Barclay Bashir BEtor
1000 Chapel Chekov
1100 Crusher Janeway
1200 Kim Kirk
1300 LaForge McCoy
1400 Nechayev OBrien
1500 Paris Picard
1600 Pike Pulaski
1700 Reed Riker

Gentoo dinner


We'll meet (as every year) for the traditional Gentoo dinner on saturday evening. Details TBA

Gentoo OpenPGP Web of Trust

Gentoo will not host a key signing party this year, but participants are encouraged to exchange and verify OpenPGP key data to build the Gentoo Web of Trust. Please bring printed information of the fingerprint and various UIDs you want certified along with a valid governmental ID matching the UID. You can use a service like [1] to generate such a key slip.

A graph of the curent WoT and keyblock statistics