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On Saturday 30 January 2016 and Sunday 31 January 2016, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting FOSDEM 2016 will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

Naturally a Gentoo crowd will be there; this page is intended to collect public information about our presence and help organizing stuff.


Please use FOSDEM 2016/Planning to coordinate things.

Gentoo stand

Our table will be at K (level 1, group B). Feel free to come by.

The following is an hour-by-hour schedule of who is running the stand. The plan is to have always two devs present, with overlapping two-hour slots (i.e., 10h-12h, 12h-14h, ... and 9h-11h, 11h-13h, 13h-15h, ...) (At start and end there are shorter slots, but these obviously also involve build-up and teardown.)

Saturday Sunday
Hours Developer 1 Developer 2 Developer 1 Developer 2
0900 Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f) Hans de Graaff (Graaff) Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f) Another one
1000 Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f) Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f)
1100 Sleepy one Hans de Graaff (Graaff)
1200 Patrice Clement (monsieurp) Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn (chithanh)
1300 Ancient one Vladimir Smirnov (Civil)
1400 Michael Haubenwallner (Haubi) Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (Klondike)
1500 Manuel Rüger (Mrueg) Deep one
1600 Xavier Miller (Xaviermiller) Andreas K. Hüttel (Dilfridge)
1700 Andreas K. Hüttel (Dilfridge) Manuel Rüger (Mrueg)
1800 Kristian Fiskerstrand (K_f)

Gentoo-related talks

Hanno will give a talk in the security devroom (Saturday, 14:00) and explain how to run Gentoo Linux with Address Sanitizer.

Developers available at FOSDEM

Please note that the restaurant has been booked for 15 people at 19.30.
Nick Arrival Departure Signed up for stand time Will be at Beer Event (Fri) Will be at Dinner (Sat) Talk Comments
chithanh Saturday morning Sunday evening Yes :) No Yes No Bringing stickers. May also bring buttons, time and airport security permitting.
civil Saturday morning Monday morning Yes :) No Yes No
dberkholz Friday morning Sunday afternoon No Yes Yes No Also going to FLOSS Community Metrics meeting and cfgmgmtcamp
dilfridge Thursday late night Monday afternoon Yes :) Yes Yes No Bringing the LiveDVDs and some fun posters. Contact me if you want to meet for an early Friday dinner.
monsieurp Friday afternoon Sunday evening HELL YES Yes Yes No
mrueg Friday afternoon Monday afternoon Yes :) Yes Yes No Sightseeing on Friday (around 2-3pmish), feel free to ping me if you want to join.
K_F Friday evening Sunday evening Yes :) Yes Yes No
graaff Friday evening Sunday evening Yes :) Yes Yes No
Xavier Miller Saturday afternoon Saturday evening Yes :) No Yes No
haubi Friday evening Sunday ~16:00 Yes :) Yes+1 Yes+1 No Bringing a power extension cable.
hanno Friday evening Monday morning Not yet Yes No Yes
klondike Friday afternoon Monday afternoon Not yet No Yes+1 No (sadly) Life's been complicated lately so I couldn't plan a talk, sorry
patrick Not yet Yes Yes+2 No Bringing the banner.

Doesn't do Mediawiki (anymore).

lu_zero Friday evening Monday Not yet Maybe Unsure No Around as usual.