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On 2.-3. February 2013, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting FOSDEM 2013 will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

Naturally a Gentoo crowd will be there; this page is intended to collect public information about our presence and help organizing stuff.

Developers available at FOSDEM

Nick Arrival Departure Will be at Beer Event (Fri) Will be at Dinner (Sat) Spoken Languages Comments
betelgeuse Fri ~19:00@BRU Mon ~10:00@BRU Yes Yes English, Finnish, Swedish, French
prometheanfire Thu 0750 Tues 1000 Yes Yes English
robbat2 Thurs 1735 @ BRU Tues Yes (+1) Yes (+1) English
miska Fri Sun Yes English
Zorry Fri 1410 Mon 1715 Yes (assume) Yes (assume) English, Swedish
lejonet Fri 1410 Mon 1715 Yes (assume) Yes (assume) English, Swedish
klondike Fri 0835 Mon 2025 Yes (assume) Yes (assume) Spanish, Valencian, English, Swedish, French
mduft Fri 18:20@BRU Sun 19:10@BRU Yes Yes German, English, French
haubi Fri 18:20@BRU Sun 19:10@BRU Yes Yes (+1) German, English
eras Fri 14:25@BRU Sun 08:40@BRU Yes Yes English, Turkish
grobian ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
klausman Fri 19:30@BRU Monday 11:00@BRU yes yes German, English
hwoarang Fri ~16:00@BRU Mon ~09:00@BRU Yes No English
dberkholz ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
tomk Wed 16:10 Mon 13:00 Yes (+2) Yes (+2) English, Spanish
gregkh English
graaff Fri 19:00 Sun 17:00 Yes Yes English, Dutch
ramereth Fri 18:00 Mon 11:00 Yes Yes English

Other devs around for talks, but didn't add themselves to this wiki page: cryos, nirbheek


Join #gentoo-meetings ... :) No, join #gentoo-fosdem ... we are cooler :D


dberkholz will give a talk on Gentoo package. betelgeuse will keep a bof to group people together for the dinner on Saturday.