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Eloi is an ebuild searcher and installer (eix with extra steps). Searches through all Gentoo's overlays provided by eselect repository and listed by Zugania's website.

Eloi can:

  1. Find and install an ebuild package from any overlay
  2. Enable ebuild overlays
  3. More in the future...



First, add the ebuild repository from here: https://github.com/mbaraa/gentoo-overlay.

Install app-portage/eloi using emerge:

root #emerge --ask app-portage/eloi

Go's Installer

user $go install github.com/mbaraa/eloi@latest


Update local repositories' cache

These cache files are stored in /var/cache/eloi:

root #eloi --download

Find an ebuild

Using the -S or --search flag to find an ebuild, this will list all ebuilds that have pulseaudio-equalizer in their name, with other details, like version, overlay name, use flags, license:

root #eloi -S pulseaudio-equalizer


root #eloi --search pulseaudio-equalizer

Enable an overlay repository

This can be done using the --enable flag:

root #eloi --enable underworld

Or by installing a package from a repository that's not enabled on the system, for now just search for a package and install it, and Eloi will add its corresponding repository!