Editbugs privilege

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The editbugs privilege is required to

  • assign
  • reassign
  • close

bug tickets in Gentoo bugzilla.

Gentoo developers have automatically the editbugs privilege, but it is also granted to individual users on request.

Apply for editbugs privilege as user

The user who wants to get the editbugs privilege needs a developer who vouches for her or him. This developer monitors the activities of the user as long as the editbugs permission is granted.

Developers in the projects recruiters, comrel, infra have the edituser privilege and can grant the editbugs permission.

Users who have the editbugs privilege are listed in bug #236218


You can load the following JavaScript file in your browser for faster bug assignment https://github.com/mgorny/bug-assign-user-js

One tool to load JavaScript is Violentmonkey.