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Dislocker is FUSE-based filesystem driver capable of reading NTFS BitLocker encrypted partitions.



root #emerge --ask sys-fs/dislocker



A note on fstab

BitLocker partitions can be mount-ed using the /etc/fstab file and dislocker's long options. The line below is an example line, which has to be adapted to each case:

FILE /etc/fstab
/dev/sda2 /mnt/dislocker fuse.dislocker user-password=blah,nofail 0 0


With the sample /etc/fstab as above, make sure the two mount points /mnt/dislocker and /mnt/clear exist. Then:

root #mount /dev/sda2
root #mount -o loop /mnt/dislocker/dislocker-file /mnt/clear

The first mount creates the file /mnt/dislocker/dislocker-file, which is the raw unencrypted NTFS from inside the BitLocker partition. The second command mounts that NTFS partition onto /mnt/clear.

See also

  • NTFS — a proprietary disk filesystem by Microsoft for Windows and Windows-based operating systems.
  • FATfilesystem originally created for use with MS-DOS (and later pre-NT Microsoft Windows).