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This guide documents how a Gentoo developer can configure their personal webspace on

Developer web space

Use and policy

Within your devspace on woodpecker ( you may create a public_html directory accessible at: You may store any Gentoo related files in this space such as project documentation, ebuilds/packages you are testing, etc...

The devspace is for Gentoo related files. You may not host files for your company/home business, pornography, or any file that is considered illegal in the United States (woodpecker is located in the USA). Pages in your public_html folder are viewable by the world and their contents should follow the same rules. Devspace may not be used to make money in any way. This includes banner swapping, auctions (or hosting images for your auctions) or Google ads. As usual, common sense should apply to this restriction.

If any files in your space are found to be harmful towards other developers or users on the box or pose a risk to the Gentoo project (such as illegal torrents, pornography, etc...), Gentoo Infrastructure will suspend your account which will only be unlocked after investigation from Gentoo Developer Relations. In most cases, your developership will be suspended if such files are found. If you are unsure of the impact a file may have on another developer or Gentoo in general please ask your Mentor or someone else appropriate to review it for you.

Uploading files

If your recruiter didn't set up the public_html directory for you do via the following instructions. For convenience, export your username to a USERNAME variable. This will enable you to copy and paste the commands that follow. Be sure to substitute larry in the command below for the user name specific to you (most likely your developer nickname):

user $export USERNAME="larry"

Logging on to is performed using the ssh keys you have generated and submitted to your mentor with your quiz (or that you have updated in LDAP if your previous key reached expiration):

user $ssh ${USERNAME}
Enter passphrase for key '/home/${USERNAME}/.ssh/id_rsa': (Enter your passphrase)
user@woodpecker home$cd ~/
user@woodpecker ~$mkdir public_html
user@woodpecker ~$chmod -R 755 public_html

To enable dir indexing if desired:

user@woodpecker ~$echo "Options +Indexes" > public_html/.htaccess

The Infrastructure Project does not make backups of developer files. You are responsible for making backups of any and all files contained in your developer space. I suggest creating a mirror on your local box: ~/devspace.

Now copy your files using scp:

user $scp index.htm ${USERNAME}
Enter passphrase for key '/home/${USERNAME}/.ssh/id_rsa': (Enter your passphrase)

Alternatively the rsync command be used:

user $rsync -ruav -e ssh ~/devspace ${USERNAME}
Enter passphrase for key '/home/${USERNAME}/.ssh/id_rsa': (Enter your passphrase)

If either of the above commands failed see the export command in the section above in order to properly export your user name. It can also manually substituted into the command. Your choice.

Supported languages has HTML, SHTML, and PHP available for you to write your web pages.

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