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The Dell XPS 15 7590 is the 2019 model of Dell's slim 15 inch laptop. It is fully functional with the latest Linux kernel versions.



Device Make/model Status Vendor ID / Product ID Kernel driver(s) Kernel version Notes
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9980HK CPU @ 2.40GHz Works N/A N/A 4.19.86 Different CPU options are available for this laptop.
RAM 32GB DDR4-2666MHz


Works N/A N/A 4.19.86 Different RAM options are available for this laptop.

Two RAM slots. Up to 64GB.

Hard Disk Intel SSD 760p 1.024TB Works 8086:f1a6 NVMe 4.19.86 Different disk options are available for this laptop.

One NVMe slot.


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Device Make/model Status Bus ID Kernel driver(s) Kernel version Notes
Dock ThinkPad Pro Dock Not tested N/A N/A 3.18.9 Note example.



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