Dell Latitude 5580

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Device Make/model Status Vendor ID / Product ID Kernel driver(s) Kernel version Notes
CPU Intel i5-7300U Works N/A N/A 4.12.12
Controller Intel Sunrise Point-LP Serial IO I2C Controller Works mfd_intel_lpss_{acpi/pci} 4.12.12 required for touchpad
Controller Intel Sunrise Point-LP Thermal subsystem Works intel_pch_thermal 4.12.12
Video Intel Device 5916 Works i915 4.12.12
Audio Intel Device 9d71 Works snd_hda_intel 4.12.12
Ethernet Intel I219-LM Works e1000e 4.12.12
Wireless Intel Wireless 8265 / 8275 Works iwlwifi 4.12.12 linux-firmware-2017 wifi-8265-27.ucode
Touchpad DLL07A8:01 044E:120B Works i2c_designware_{core,platform} 4.12.12 with alps/synaptics
SD Card reader Realtek RTS525A PCI Express Card Reader Works mfd_rtsx_pci, mmc_realtek_pci 4.12.12
Bluetooth Intel Bluetooth controller Not tested 8087:0a2b
Webcam Realtek Integrated Webcam HD Works 0bda:568c uvcvideo (usb_video_class) 4.12.12
Smartcard Broadcom 5880 Not tested 0a5c:5832


Needed a system rescue cd to boot an installer in EUFI boot mode.


You will need some firmware from the Linux firmware package:

root #emerge --ask sys-kernel/linux-firmware
  • iwlwifi-8265-27.ucode
  • i915/kbl_dmc_ver1_01.bin (be sure to follow the Intel manual)

And add them space-separated in the kernel firmware selection:

KERNEL Enable firmware
Device Drivers  --->
    Generic Driver Options  --->
        (iwlwifi-8265-27.ucode i915/kbl_dmc_ver1_01.bin) External firmware blobs to build into the kernel binary
        (/lib64/firmware) Firmware blobs root directory



To set the touchpad (and keyboard knob) in the kernel, do the following.

KERNEL Enable support for touchpad and knob
Device Drivers  --->
     I2C support  ---> 
         I2C Hardware Bus support  --->
              <*> Synopsys DesignWare Platform
     Multifunction device drivers  --->
              <*> Intel Low Power Subsystem support in PCI mode
     HID support  --->
         Special HID drivers  --->
             <*> Alps HID device support
         I2C HID support  --->
             <*> HID over I2C transport layer

After that, the Synaptics article can be followed.

SD card reader

KERNEL Enable support for the SD card reader
Device Drivers  --->
     Multifunction device drivers  --->
         <*> Realtek PCI-E card reader
     <*> MMC/SD/SDIO card support  --->
         <*>   Realtek PCI-E SD/MMC Card Interface Driver


KERNEL Enable support for the webcam
Device Drivers  --->
    <*> Multimedia support  --->
        [*]   Media USB Adapters  --->.
            <*>   USB Video Class (UVC)

And add a user to the video group to access the /dev/video0.

root #gpassword -a <user> video

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