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Conky is an advanced and highly configurable system monitor for X, which "can display arbitrary information (such as the date, CPU temperature from I2C, MPD info, and anything else you desire) to the root window in X11. Conky normally does this by drawing to the root window, however Conky can also be run in windowed mode (though this is not how conky was meant to be used)." [Conky FAQ]


Install app-admin/conky:

USE flag (what is that?) Default Recommended Description
apcupsd No enable support for sys-power/apcupsd
audacious No enable monitoring of music played by media-sound/audacious
curl No Add support for client-side URL transfer library
debug No Enable extra debug codepaths, like asserts and extra output. If you want to get meaningful backtraces see Backtraces
eve No enable support for the eve-online skill monitor
hddtemp No Yes Enable monitoring of hdd temperature (app-admin/hddtemp)
imlib No Add support for imlib, an image loading and rendering library
iostats No enable support for per-task I/O statistics
lua No enable if you want Lua scripting support
lua-cairo No enable if you want Lua Cairo bindings for Conky (also enables lua support)
lua-imlib No enable if you want Lua Imlib2 bindings for Conky (also enables lua and imlib support)
math No enable support for glibc's libm math library
moc No enable monitoring of music played by media-sound/moc
mpd No enable monitoring of music controlled by media-sound/mpd
nano-syntax No enable syntax highlighting for app-editors/nano
ncurses Yes Add ncurses support (console display library)
nvidia No enable reading of nvidia card temperature sensors via media-video/nvidia-settings
portmon Yes enable support for tcp (ip4) port monitoring
rss No Enable support for RSS feeds
thinkpad No enable support for IBM/Lenovo notebooks
truetype No Add support for FreeType and/or FreeType2 fonts
vim-syntax No Yes Pulls in related vim syntax scripts
weather-metar No enable support for metar weather service
weather-xoap No enable support for metar and xoap weather service
wifi No Yes Enable wireless network functions
X Yes Yes Add support for X11
xmms2 No enable monitoring of music played by media-sound/xmms2
root #emerge --ask conky

After Installation / Editing your conkyrc

After installing conky, copy /etc/conky/conky.conf to ~/.conkyrc so that you can easily edit your conky config:

user $cp /etc/conky/conky.conf ~/.conkyrc

Once you have copied this file, you can begin editing your conkyrc, to do so, use nano or any other text editor:

user $nano ~/.conkyrc

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