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A bootloader is a program that will load bootable items when the system is started.

Available software

Depending on the architecture of the machine, several bootloaders are available:

  • EFI stub — Using the (U)EFI firmware to function as a bootloader.
  • GRUB2 — Reworked version of GRUB. Gentoo's default bootloader on x86 and amd64.
  • LILO — A simple boot loader with some advantages over GRUB and GRUB2.
  • rEFInd — A boot manager for EFI and UEFI platforms
  • syslinux — A collection of simple bootloaders for various purposes.
  • systemd-boot — bootloader that is specific to UEFI firmware and the systemd init system.
  • U-Boot — A boot loader popular with embedded devices

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