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BitTorrent is a decentralized file sharing protocol.

A torrent is a group of peer-to-peer (P2P) clients participating in a coordinated sharing of one or more files. The structure of this torrent group as well as the metadata involved with the torrent is defined by the tracker file.

Clients that want to participate in the torrent connect to the tracker to find out from who to download files. Recent versions of this method also support peer exchange so that clients can communicate to other clients who participates without the need for registering this in the tracker.


Command-line clients

Name Package Description
RTorrent net-p2p/rtorrent Text-based ncurses BitTorrent client written in C++.
ELinks www-client/elinks Built with the bittorrent USE flag, ELinks has a BitTorrent client add-on.

Graphical clients

Name Package Description
KTorrent net-p2p/ktorrent KDE based BitTorrent client.
QBittorrent net-p2p/qbittorrent Qt based BitTorrent client.

Command-line and graphical clients

Name Package Description
Deluge net-p2p/deluge Client/server based BitTorrent capable application with both CLI and GUI (GTK 3).
Transmission net-p2p/transmission Supports both CLI and GUI (GTK 3 and Qt 5).
BiglyBT net-p2p/biglybt Feature-filled Bittorrent client based on the Azureus open source project

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