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The Banana Pi embedded system is very similar to the Raspberry Pi.

Lemakers Gentoo Image

Download the compressed image file from and extract it.

user $ tar xfzv Gentoo_For_BananaPro_v1412.tgz

Connect a compatible SD card, or a SATA 2.5" harddisc with your computer. Lets assume the device is named /dev/sdx. Write the image to the media with dd

user $ sudo dd if=Gentoo_For_BananaPro_v1412.img of=/dev/sdx bs=1M

Manual Gentoo installation on SDD

Boot a Gentoo system (for example the Lemaker image) from SD card. Follow to the installation procedure in the amd64 manual but download and use an ARMv7a stage3 file from instead of the amd64 version.

Build the Kernel for a Banana Pi,_script.bin_and_linux-kernel

Installation of U-Boot

See the instructions on this Gentoo wiki page.

Install WiFi

On the Banana Pi Pro load the following module

user $ sudo modprobe ap6210

See also

  • Distcc/Cross-Compiling — shows the reader how to set up distcc for cross-compiling across different processor architectures.
  • Banana Pi the Gentoo Way — provides details on how to install Gentoo with a user compiled kernel and a Gentoo stage 3 on the Banana Pi

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