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News feed (or web feed) is a computer-readable data format for content updates. The most common feeds are RSS and Atom (RFC 4287).

Available software

Feed readers

Feed readers reside within the net-news category. To list them, run:

user $eix -cC net-news

Web browser support

Pale Moon has native support for feed autodiscovery and listing. Other browsers need a third-party extension for that functionality.

Web applications

Selfhosted news aggregation applications give such benefits as easy synchronization between devices or email notifications.

See also

  • Planet Gentoo is a service run by Gentoo, which aggregates articles written by contributing developers.
  • Newsboat — an RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console. It is an actively maintained fork of Newsbeuter.
  • Usenet — a federated and decentralized worldwide Internet forum and the world's oldest digital social network

External resources

  • RSS-Bridge — The RSS feed for websites missing it.