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Version command is a recently creation with two targets in mind,

  1. get version infomation of a package.
  2. operate with version of a package.

To install the program just add the guru repository

root #eselect repository enable guru
root #emaint sync -r guru

Next install the with

root #emerge --ask app-portage/version

naturaly there is a option'help'

user $version -h

will display few acceptable formats for the inputs

to get version information of gentoolkit package use:

user $version -g app-portage/gentoolkit

is possible check if the version is more small what 1.0

user $version -c app-portage/gentoolkit s= 1.0

or (if the shell accept a more frendly sintax)

user $version -c app-portage/gentoolkit <= 1.0

a more descriptive output can be enable with 'i' option

user $version -ci app-portage/gentoolkit s= 1.0
app-portage/gentoolkit : pass(0.5.0)

there is a option for get platform identification

user $version -p

a more complex script can be found on example directory