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VirGL is a virtual 3D GPU for use inside QEMU virtual machines, that allows the guest operating system to use the capabilities of the host GPU to accelerate 3D rendering.

Host System

On host system app-emulation/qemu should be built with opengl and virgl USE flags.

When using app-emulation/virt-manager Video Device model should be set to Virtio with 3D acceleration box checked.

Spice should be used for Display with Listen type set to None and with OpenGL box checked.

Guest System

VirGL currently only works with Linux guests. Windows VirGL components for Virtio are work in progress and haven't been merged yet

Mesa VirGL driver should be installed on the Guest system. On Gentoo this can be done by setting VIDEO_CARDS to "virgl" and ensuring that media-libs/mesa was recompiled with this flag enabled.

To test that everything works properly, the glxinfo command from the x11-apps/mesa-progs package can be used.

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