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Mullvad VPN is a VPN service based in Sweden.

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Mullvad is not currently (as of 2023-08-29) packaged in a Gentoo repository so you will need to manually unpack a .deb file.

  1. Download the .deb file from their website
  2. Move the .deb file into a temp workspace (assumed to be Mullvad.deb)
  3. Unpack the .deb with ar -x Mullvad.deb
  4. Copy the ./opt/Mullvad VPN/ files to /opt if you wish
  5. Copy the binaries in ./usr/bin/ to /usr/bin
  6. To start the daemon automatically, use an OpenRC script.

Run the following to allow the daemon to write to its own log folder (this might not be the safest option)

root #chown -R user:user /var/log/mullvad-vpn

OpenRC Service

This is a very hacky OpenRC service that should start the daemon, put it in /etc/init.d/.

CODE Hacky Service

depend() {
	need net

command="nohup /usr/bin/mullvad-daemon"