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This article is a stub. Please help out by expanding it - how to get started.

Gentodo is a todo program designed for a Gentoo development workflow.


Gentodo is currently very much in a testing phase and might have breaking changes upon a stable release.

Since there are currently no ebuilds available in ::gentoo or ::guru, copy the ebuild in the repository above and place it in a local repository.

Gentodo will likely be placed in the app-misc category so place the ebuild in there if you wish to prepare for it being added to a repository


root #emerge --ask app-misc/gentodo


Adding an item

To add an item to the todo list:

user $gentodo add -t Title -d Details

It is also possible to not have a description:

user $gentodo add -t Title

Listing entries

To list entries:

user $gentodo

To get item IDs (required for deletion):

user $gentodo -v

Deleting an item

First get the item ID and then:

user $gentodo del 123



To find your todo.json file, go to ~/.local/share/gentodo/todo.json, an example of which looks like:

FILE ~/.local/share/todo/todo.json
   "1": {
      "title": "Something to do",
      "details": "Description of thing to do"
The storage file is an artifact of the project's old name and is likely to change soon


Gentodo will eventually store its config in ~/.config/gentodo/config.toml. For now, this is an example of a config file:

FILE ~/.config/gentodo/config.toml
token = "insert random gibberish here"


A handy use for this program is to add it to the user's ~/.bashrc so every time they open a new terminal they will be reminded of upcoming tasks that they need to look at.

FILE ~/.bashrc
# Put your fun stuff here.

# TODO list
echo "===== TODO List ====="
echo ""
gentodo --brief