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This page is a work in progress.

Sometimes, maybe an upgrade doesn't go well and you don't know what to do, despite following these excellent tips to keep your system in good shape: this page is for when that happens.

General tips:

  1. Read your news items first.
  2. Do share full output of all commands in support channels: don't cut off bits.
  3. Never unmerge anything unless told to by a news item or a support channel as a last resort. Unmerging things is not a normal operation to have to do.
  4. Check your world file for junk.
  5. Use --keep-going=y on emerge invocations.
  6. Start from the bottom upwards: the most fatal error is usually right down the bottom and causes noise above it. Resolving the bottommost issues usually sorts out the rest.

Long list of dependency conflicts

As above, start from the bottom and work upwards. Resolve one issue at a time then run emerge again.

Rough steps:

  1. Check your world file (and follow the General tips listed above first).
  2. If there's something obvious at the bottom (e.g. autounmask / package.use / package.accept_keywords changes suggested), act on it.
  3. If there's nothing obvious at the bottom changes suggested, try more backtracking first: emerge ... --backtrack=9999.
  4. If, at this point, the entire thing looks like a huge wall with nothing easy, try: emerge --pretend -ev --backtrack=0. This often leads to emerge shaking out missing/outdated package.accept_keywords entries.

(A common issue here is overly restrictive package.accept_keywords entries for e.g. games, Haskell, ...)