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tinc is a versatile VPN which can work in a P2P configuration as well as more traditional topologies. It can be used to create a private mesh network without needing to configure individual connections between each nodes, as long as a path exists between them.



Ensure that the tinc versions across all machines are matching, at least up to major version.
root #emerge --ask net-vpn/tinc



All steps must be repeated per-machine unless otherwise noted. box1 is used as a placeholder.

First, choose a VPN/network name. As an example, larrynet is used here:

root #mkdir -p /etc/tinc/larrynet/hosts

All configuration will be done within /etc/tinc/larrynet.

Create the main tinc config file at /etc/tinc/larrynet/tinc.conf:

FILE /etc/tinc/larrynet/tinc.conf
Name = box1
Device = /dev/net/tun
AddressFamily = ipv4
ConnectTo = box2

Generate a key for the host (choose the default save locations):

root #tincd -n larrynet -K 4096

There should now be a:

  • private key (do not share this with any other person or machine!) at /etc/tinc/larrynet/rsa_key.priv, and
  • public key at /etc/tinc/larrynet/hosts/box1. This file will later need to be shared across each machine in the network.

The next step is to configure the network which may need to be adapted per desired configuration.

Network configuration

On each host, some basics must be set. box2 must be configured to know about box1's location and details:

FILE /etc/tinc/larrynet/hosts/box1
# This is where tinc can find box1 on the public internet / via some other already existing routing mechanism
Address = <public IP of box1>

# "This node accepts packets for this subnet" (or IP in this case)
# This will mean box1 is identified as
# Change this address per-host!
Subnet =

Create hooks for tinc to bring up and shutdown the network:

FILE /etc/tinc/larrynet/tinc-up
ip link set ${INTERFACE} up

# Change this address per-host to match the hosts/$hostname file!
ip addr add dev ${INTERFACE}

ip route add dev ${INTERFACE}
FILE /etc/tinc/larrynet/tinc-down
ip route del dev ${INTERFACE}

# Change this address per-host to match the hosts/$hostname file!
ip addr del dev ${INTERFACE}

ip link set ${INTERFACE} down

And make them executable:

root #chmod +x /etc/tinc/larrynet/tinc-up /etc/tinc/larrynet/tinc-down


For each machine, follow these steps:

1. Create /etc/tinc/larrynet/tinc.conf with the hostname as above.

2. Create a /etc/tinc/larrynet/hosts/$hostname file as above for each host in the network, i.e. every machine must have a hosts file for every other machine.

Automatic startup


Edit /etc/conf.d/tinc.networks to add the network name:

FILE /etc/conf.d/tinc.networks
NETWORK: larrynet

Start up the network:

root #/etc/init.d/tincd start

Start it on boot:

root #rc-update add tincd default


root #systemctl enable --now tincd@larrynet

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