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These are just personal notes, please ignore this page.

Tag pages with appropriate categories, so that pages may be found by browsing from the documentation topics on the main page. Categories should be appropriate and as specific as possible. If a page would be better classed in a sub-category, place it only in that sub category, and not also in the parent category: being in the sub category already classes it as belonging to the parent category.

Mesh pages with the rest of the wiki by linking, this is important as this enriches articles by providing access to other relevant information. Links between articles are also the main way that articles will be accessed. Pages or section that provided similar content to other parts of the wiki should link to all those places, to point readers to all the places that may be of use to them. This also provides editors with an indication that there may be duplicate content, which should be merged or separated into specific articles. Not clearly linking to analogous topics is also a sure way to cause new content to be duplicate, as editors making an improvement to one section will not necessarily find all other sections covering the same subject before an addition.